About us

ideaAn idea…

Sunny Miracles is founded on the belief that what tastes good can also be good for you and good for Pakistan.

movement A movement…

Agriculture sector employs more than 40% of the workforce in Pakistan and an estimated 30% of agricultural produce goes to waste because farmers lack efficient food processing techniques that would prolong the shelf life of perishable crops.

Sunny Miracles offers economic empowerment for struggling farmers. It provides income generation opportunities using a low-cost, ‘green’ technology — solar dryers. Small scale and easily implemented at a household or community-level – the solar dryers help local farmers preserve crops for their own use and also for sale at fair-market rates.
In addition to gaining food and income security, farmers joining the Sunny Miracles movement gain other practical skills as well. They learn about food preservation, hygiene and sanitation, and financial management. They gain awareness about work place safety and quality standards, workers’ rights, and business ethics. Sunny Miracles helps participants become change agents within their families and communities, improving livelihoods as well as health and living conditions overall.

process A process…

Fruits and vegetables from Southern Punjab and Sindh are harvested, washed, checked for quality, sanitized and then cut into bite-size pieces. Next, they are loaded into the solar dryers and the dehydration process begins. Dehydration significantly reduces the weight of produce – with some foods shrinking more than 20 times their original weight!
Within 24-48 hours, the dried items are ready for another round of quality checks. Then they’re packaged in moisture-proof, vacuum-sealed bags – ready for the supermarket shelves.

Sunny Miracles products can be eaten dry (as convenient, healthy snacks) or re-hydrated for use in a tasty meal within minutes.

product-family A growing family of products…

Sunny Miracles products are made with pride and care – responsibly and sustainably. Our high-quality nutritious fruits and vegetables come with the recipes that bring them to life for your taste buds. We’re committed to the environment too. Our farmers use locally made, low-cost solar dryers – just add a bit of sunshine!

people …and people!

At Sunny Miracles, we believe in relationships. We are committed to offering the best to our communities, our consumers and our partners. Research shows that improvements in health conditions and steady-state finances empower low-income families to invest more in their children’s education, participate more actively in micro-enterprise efforts, and become better prepared to cope with setbacks such as natural disasters or political instability.