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This Month’s Special Product Honey Dew Honeydew fruit has pale green sweet and juicy flesh inside a hard rind. ...
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Quick and Easy Food Processing
Placing fruits & vegetables under the sun for drying is a part of Pakistani tradition.
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About Sunny Miracles

The global processed food industry currently accounts for almost 75% of global sales. Although the world-wide growth of the industry is being driven by developing countries in Asia, Pakistan lags far behind its competitors. Previous attempts to advance in the food processing industry have failed due in large part to its supply-driven nature, intensive capital requirements and export-orientation from the outset, having marginal impact at the grassroots level.

In order to overcome these obstacles, Sunny Miracles has been targeting food processing as a priority sector, train the requisite workforce and advocate small-scale processing initiatives to be adopted at a national level.
Sunny Miracles is a social enterprise that utilizes an innovative approach to advance the economic growth of marginalized populations within Pakistan.

Sunny Miracles was established as a brand under the umbrella of JOBS Trust. The aim was to support the activities of struggling farmers and producers by developing and promoting low-cost ‘green’ technology. Keeping in mind the electrical blackouts within Pakistan, Solar Dryer Units (SDUs) were created to work in all areas of Pakistan, with a focus primarily on rural areas.

JOBS Trust advocated for a behavior change movement. This was accomplished through facilitating the transfer of technology as well as through skills training in the fields of food processing, food safety, hygiene and sanitation, and enterprise development. The end result was an exceptionally low-weight dried product, with high nutritional value, guaranteed quality assurance and no added preservatives; ideal for home-cooking, mass cooking or travel.

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