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Savory Recipies

Dried Bitter Gourd recipe
Dried Bitter Gourd with Minced
Fry bittergourd for 10 minutes
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Dried Egg plant bhurta - SunnyMiracles
Dried Eggplant (Bhurta)
Punjabi style Eggplant Bhurta, serve it with hot Chapatis
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Dried Okra Recipe
Dried Okra and Onion (Bhindi)
Delicious okra and onion is a dry recipe that goes well with Roti or Chapatti.
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Sweet Recipies

Dried fruits biscotti - sunnymiracles
Dried Fruit Biscotti
Filled with dried fruits, biscotti are wonderful crunchy cookies.
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Dried Carrots Gajrella
Using dried Carrots to make a traditional sweet dish- Gajrella
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Dried Carrot Cup cakes
Dried Carrot Cupcakes
Delicious Carrot Cupcakes Recipe for foody people.
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