Dried Carrots Gajrella

What you Need

  1. Milk    2litter
  2. Dried Carrots (grated)    1kg
  3. Sugar     1cup
  4. Powdered Milk    125grams
  5. Clarified Butter      4tablespoon
  6. Kewra Essence     Few drops
  7. Cardamom    4
  8. Nuts    To Taste


  1. Combine milk and dried carrots into a pan and cook until milk is dried up.
  2. Once the milk dries, add sugar and cardamom.
  3. When the sugar water dries, add in powdered milk and clarified butter.
  4. When its properly cooked then add in few drops of kewra essence
  5. In the end garnish it with dry fruits and serve.

Cooking Tip

Boil dried carrots in water or in boiling milk.

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